2019 Schedule of Events

Upcoming Shows 2019

Santa Monica, California 
May 4 - May 6 Friday - Sunday
Santa Monioca Bead And Design Show
Le Meridian Santa Monica
530 Pico Blvd Santa Monica
$10 admission
Retail and Wholesale

Denver, Colorado
June 7 through June 9th, Friday- Saturday
INATS - (International new age trade show) Trade show for conscious living -
Crown Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center
Registration required (Wholesale)

Denver, Colorado
September 7 - 15th (9 days)
Denver Mineral and Jewelry show
The Denver Coliseum,
4600 Humboldt Street, Denver CO.
Free Admission
Retail and Wholesale

San Rafael, California
November 15th - 17th
Marin Arts and Crafts Show
Marin County Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael, CA

Alameda, California
December 8, (Sunday)
Holiday Show
Temple Israel 3183 Mecartney Rd
Alameda, CA.

San Jose, California
November 24th, (Sunday)
Holiday Show
Silver Creek Valley Country Club
5460 Country Club Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95138 
Retail only

Lauratas and Michaels Designs


Tucson a Success

Well after an extended trip in both Bali and Tucson and am glad to be home. Tucson was a great success at the Pueblo Show as well as the 22nd Street Jewelry and Mineral show, with many retailers returning to get more.

Book a Show Now

Hi Everyone,

Book your holiday jewelry show now.  We are good at making it fun and easy. Call soon to get the best dates.

Start by picking a date  - It's fine if a date doesn't work for everyone, it rarely does.

Call us right away (408) 340-3258 - We will put it on our calendar.

Let your family and friends know -  If they have seen our jewelry they will be excited to find gifts for others and for themselves.

Video on YouTube

See our video on YouTube preview some of the many designs 

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The Good Works In Bali

There is so much to appreciate about a culture that lives a life of gratefulness. The people of Bali are hard working without complaint and glad to be of service. Still, there are many that live in poverty, not completely unhappily (maybe due to the Hindu belief of karma and reincarnation) but without many choices.
During our visit, we met different kinds of people working hard to make a difference in the areas of health, education, and financial empowerment.

THE VISITOR - When we first visited Bali, thanks to Steve and Marlene Kofman, we heard of the children they were helping put through school and got to meet the kids and their families, some of which have become close friends. Thanks to an arrangement Steve cleverly put together, he has supported another family in starting their own successful business, not to mention the many, many, many ways they give while they are there.

EXPAT - We first met our friends Sue and Don Bennett in San Jose and found that they fell in love with Bali and were creating a home there. They live there about half the year. They work with the Rotary Club both here and in Bali. They participate in school fund raising and clean water projects. They give support for education and medical care for the family whose compound that have built a home on. Sue has begun a school project to teach english to anyone from the village (which can provide opportunities for good jobs in the tourist industry).

BUSINESS COUPLE - We met Janice and Larry while in Bali. They have been visiting Bali for business and pleasure for over 20 years. They have a successful wholesale jewelry business in Marin, California. They started Ganesha Foundation "A non profit whose mission is to aid in the secular education of Balinese children who, because of poverty, would not otherwise be able to attend school. Helping to break the cycle of poverty though literacy"
The foundation is currently funding an integrated educational program in the impoverished hamlet of Darmaji. Click the link for the inspiring details. Ganesha Foundation
We are inspired by such people and their projects and would like to acknowledge them for their work.

LAURATAS - We will follow in the footsteps of those above. Lauratas will be giving 10% of the year end profits to charitable organizations. A portion will go directly for the education of children in Bali. Additionally, a portion will go to the entrepreneurial empowerment organization of KIVA.com (worldwide micro lending company and N.P.O.)

Bali Life

Hello everyone, we have arrived and are glad to be here after 30 hours of travel time. The weather is 85-90 with breezes in the day while cooling down nicely at night.

What is the Bali Life?
It is 10,000 temples and the terraced rice fields being harvested or planted... always being tended to. The smells of the burning rice stalks and incense offerings waft in thick moist air. Everywhere are geckos, birds, dragonflies, giant white clouds. The sounds of life... insects, frogs, chickens in the compounds, ducks in the rice fields. The modern noises of the motorbikes going to work and the ever present smiles. We are reminded of the grateful and positive nature of the people of Bali and we can't help but respond.

We have already visited some of our jewelry making friends and have found so many wonderful designs to bring home.

More later