On The Road and In The Shop

Hi Lauratas Followers

Happy New Year!

It was wonderful to see so many people this last holiday season and I hope you are having a great start to the year.

Well, this is the time of the year I get to travel about in search of Gem and Mineral Shows seeking out the high quality and unique materials I will need to make amazing jewelry. I will be in Tucson this year and hoping for the best.

It is also the time of year I get to work in the shop. Nature is amazing and I am grateful I get to cut and polish and design. I have a few designs that I am really happy with.

If we have spoken lately you know that the big news is that I will be partnering with my Balinese friends and we will be opening a small workshop in Bali. We are in the middle of our creative process and discovering our signature designs as we go.  I will be traveling back to Bali soon.

Book your fundraiser or your home show _ As you know, I do not have a retail shop but this is how we keep the quality high and have such good prices.

Also if there is something you are interested in for me to bring back from Bali let me know!