Bali Life

Hello everyone, we have arrived and are glad to be here after 30 hours of travel time. The weather is 85-90 with breezes in the day while cooling down nicely at night.

What is the Bali Life?
It is 10,000 temples and the terraced rice fields being harvested or planted... always being tended to. The smells of the burning rice stalks and incense offerings waft in thick moist air. Everywhere are geckos, birds, dragonflies, giant white clouds. The sounds of life... insects, frogs, chickens in the compounds, ducks in the rice fields. The modern noises of the motorbikes going to work and the ever present smiles. We are reminded of the grateful and positive nature of the people of Bali and we can't help but respond.

We have already visited some of our jewelry making friends and have found so many wonderful designs to bring home.

More later